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Section: Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning
Topic: Evaluate the Argument
Difficulty level: Easy

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The Maugham city council plans to replace the ten grass tennis courts in the city with floodlit asphalt courts. Floodlit asphalt courts can be used in all weathers and after dark whereas grass courts can only be used during daylight hours in the summer months. Therefore, adding 10 floodlit asphalt courts through this refurbishment to the list of 11 such courts that the city already has would greatly enhance the year-round accessibility of high-quality tennis courts to the general public, a benefit that the city council declares will more than compensate, in the long term, for the high one-time expense of refurbishment and an increase, if any, in annual costs of court maintenance.

Which of the following would it be most useful to determine in order to evaluate the argument?

AWhether the cost of replacing the grass tennis courts with floodlit asphalt courts would be less than the cost of building new floodlit asphalt courts
BWhether the annual cost of maintaining a grass tennis court is less than that of maintaining a floodlit asphalt court
CWhether the existing floodlit asphalt courts in the city are unable to meet the public demand for tennis courts in winter months or after dark
DWhether the grass courts in the city are fully used at weekends and on summer evenings
EWhether the city council can afford to provide free coaching services to tennis enthusiasts at the floodlit asphalt courts