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Section: Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning
Topic: Strengthen the Argument
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Historian: Slavery undoubtedly preceded racial discrimination in the United States. As Africans began to be imported in the English colonies, the colonial legislatures started to relax the terms of service and the options for freedom for the then-indentured white servants to incentivize more English servants to migrate to the colonies. The African laborers were not covered under such placatory legislation, and could be enslaved - that is, indentured for life without an option of freedom; therefore, they came to be the preferred choice of the taskmasters for the lowest-status and, therefore, the least desirable jobs. Due to this permanent association with menial jobs, they gradually came to be seen as naturally inferior people.

Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the historian's assertion about the relationship between racial discrimination and American slavery?

AIn the early 1600s, African labor was considered more desirable than English labor.
BIn the initial years of the Africans being imported in the English colonies, the taskmasters meted out equal treatment to their white and African servants.
CBy the late 1600s, there was an abundance of African slaves in the American colonies.
DThe English colonists showed prejudice against every other race in the colonies they governed.
EIndentured white servants continued to exist in the English colonies for about one hundred and fifty years after the Africans were first imported in the English colonies.