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Best GMAT Books

There's quite a few books out there that will help you prepare for the GMAT. Sorting through the myriad of choices is a time-consuming task. On the other hand, you're really, really busy. If you pick the wrong book and waste your study time, you may never have an opportunity to recover.

Instead of trying to figure which book to use on your own, let GMATTutor.com do the work for you! We've taken the opinions of hundreds of GMAT students and narrowed down the list of study materials to a select few. Save time and money and just purchase the books and resources that will help you the most.

Use these books and resources in conjunction with a prep course and our Game Plans for the maximum benefit. You'll notice that we have also included a section entitled "Other Resources". These are books we feel that we can not recommend for one of two reasons. Either we have reviewed them and assessed the opinions of others and found them to not be as helpful as our recommended books, or we have not received enough feedback on them to warrant their inclusion in our Recommended List.

Thanks for visiting GMATTutor.com and good luck on your test! 

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