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The Fifty-Hour Game Plan

The Fifty-Hour Game Plan is our most popular Game Plan. Although you shouldn't expect a huge increase in your score with this plan, you will be surprised at how much difference studying for fifty hours can make. Don't expect to pull this plan off in a week though. If you don't have at least a couple of weeks before the Big Day, you'll want to stick with the Ten-Hour Game Plan and then do things from this plan if you have additional time.

Before you proceed with your 50 hour game plan, consider whether taking a prep course might start you off on the right foot. It is essential that you are making the most of your hours of study by practicing good study habits. Read "Should You Take a Prep Class?" for more information about the pros and cons of GMAT classes. Taking a prep course can have a fundamental impact on your GMAT Game Plan.

Also, make sure to read our Pre-Game Talk before starting the Game Plan. These suggestions are critical in order to get the most out of the plan you have chosen. Good luck with your studies and with your test!

Study Resources for the Fifty-Hour Game Plan:


  • Kaplan 800 GMAT book or Princeton Review's Cracking the GMAT with DVD or Manhattan Review Turbocharge Your GMAT series (Click on the links to read the reviews and determine which one is better for you)
  • The Official Guide to the GMAT (11th ed.)
  • The GMATPrep Practice Test (optional)

The Fifty-Hour Game Plan:


  1. Read the "general test tips" section in either the Kaplan book, or the Princeton Review book, or Manhattan Review verbal and math books.
  2. Take the first practice test from the CD-Rom included with the book that you've chosen or available online with the purchase of the books (Alternatively, take a GMATPrep Practice Test.) Spend at least 2 hours reviewing both the questions you got wrong, and the questions you got right.
  3. Read the Quantitative section of the book you chose.
  4. In the Official Guide, do problems #1-#75 in Problem Solving and #1-#51 in Data Sufficiency. Be sure to review the explanations for all questions. Make sure to time yourself on all questions.
  5. Repeat step #2 with the 2nd practice test from the CD-Rom or online tests.
  6. Repeat step #3 for the Verbal section of the book you chose.
  7. In the Official Guide, do problems #1-#42 in Reading Comprehension, 1-#49 in Critical Reasoning, and #1-#43 in Sentence Correction. 
  8. Repeat step #2 with the 3rd practice test from the CD-Rom or online tests.
  9. Spend at least three hours reviewing the information on this website. The areas you will want to focus on most are the Math Basics page, the Idiom List, the Special Reports, and the Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks pages.
  10. Ace your GMAT!

Take a look at the Resources you'll need for the Game Plan.