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The Ten-Hour Game Plan

The Ten-Hour Game Plan is designed for someone who knows they won't have a lot of time to study but also knows they want a good GMAT score. Don't expect a huge improvement to take place with this plan. Boosting your score takes time! However, this plan is great for many people because it's very efficient and will allow you to get familiar with the general format. This will lead to a much more pleasant testing experience.

If you’re at all apprehensive about being able to prepare alone, taking a prep course can be a good way to begin your studies. It can provide you with that extra boost you need to do well on your exam. A well-taught GMAT course can be a valuable resource for techniques and tips for proper study and test taking habits. Before you proceed, read "Should You Take a Prep Class?" for more information about the pros and cons of GMAT classes. Taking a prep course can have a fundamental impact on your GMAT Game Plan.

If you’re confident that you can adequately prepare without the aid of a test prep company, make sure to read our Pre-Game Talk before starting the Game Plan. These suggestions are critical in order to get the most out of the plan you have chosen. Good luck with your studies and with your test!

Study Resources for the Ten-Hour Game Plan:


  • Kaplan 800 GMAT book or Princeton Review's Cracking the GMAT with DVD or Manhattan Review Turbocharge Your GMAT series (Click on the links to read the reviews and determine which one is better for you)
  • The Official Practice Test (optional)

The Ten-Hour Game Plan:


  1. Read the "general test tips" section in either the Kaplan book, or the Princeton Review book, or Manhattan Review verbal and math books.
  2. Pick selected chapters in the areas in which you feel you are weakest in out of the Kaplan book or the Princeton Review book or Manhattan Review books. Under this plan, you'll probably have time to read about three chapters.
  3. Take the first practice test from the CD-Rom included with the book that you've chosen or available online with the purchase of the books (Alternatively, take a GMATPrep Practice Test.). Skip the essay section if it allows you to. Spend between 1 and 2 hours reviewing both the questions you got wrong and the questions you got right.
  4. Spend one to two hours reviewing the information on this website. The areas you will want to focus on most are the Math Basics page, the Idiom List, the Special Reports, and the Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks pages.
  5. Ace your GMAT!

Take a look at the Resources you'll need for the Game Plan.