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Become a Nerd?

This probably seems like common sense, but the more comfortable you are reading from a computer screen, the better you'll do on your GMAT. For someone who's not used to using a computer on a daily basis, sitting in front of one for four hours can seem like a nightmare. Your eyes get tired, your vision gets bleary, your neck gets stiff, etc., etc., etc. What can you do?

Well, for starters do not hole yourself up in a cabin in the backwoods of Montana before the test. Even if you're not a big fan of computers, learn to love them before you take your test. Do as much reading as possible directly from computer screens. Read the news off a computer, get your sports scores off a computer and try to do as much of your GMAT practice as possible sitting in front of a screen.

There's some common sense tips you'll also want to follow that will help you to get used to reading off a screen instead of a piece of paper.
Get to know the monitor controls - Nothing stinks worse than getting a computer where you can't read the text very well because the last person to use it totally hosed up the controls. It's important to get used to adjusting these to your preferred level as you'll want to do the same thing when you actually take your exam.

Find a comfortable position - Practice a position that's comfortable for you. By this, we don't mean slouched over the monitor or laid way back in your chair. Optimum position should be arms-length away from the monitor with good posture. Your arms should be parallel with the floor and the monitor should be slightly below eye level.

Get rid of the dry eyes - People who read off computer screens tend to get dry eyes because they don't blink as much as they normally would. Three things will help you combat this when you take your exam. First, try to remember to blink throughout the test. Second, give your eyes a rest when you take a break. Third, bring along some eye-drops to soothe your eyes.
Make the computer your best friend...at least until you're done with the exam!

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