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Feel the Need for Speed

Here's a shocking comparison:

"The human brain is capable of absorbing 100,000 words a minute."
"The average person only reads 250 words a minute."
Quotes courtesy of Reading Genius

Whether you buy into the validity of that first statement or not, the second statement has been proven. The fact is that there are people out there who can read entire novels in an hour. These same people could zip through a GMAT reading passage in under 30 seconds and understand everything. We're not claiming to be those people, but we're finding more and more out about the power of the human brain everyday.

There are two reasons why you might want to explore some of the developments in the world of speed reading/"photo reading"/neuro-linguistic programming, etc. First, one of the primary reasons people have difficulty with the GMAT verbal section is because they are slow readers. Second, you will be doing a massive amount of reading at business school. Just think of how much time you could save by increasing your reading speed just 25%!

We're not going to give you any specific recommendations on how to read faster. There's a lot of people out there who know a lot more about this emerging field than we do. However, we would encourage you to do some research into some of these techniques. Check out the links we've provided below or enroll in a speed-reading class somewhere. Speaking from experience, you'll be glad you did.

  • Reading Genius
  • Anakin's Brain
  • Project Reneissance
  • The Einstein Factor

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