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Learn How to Breathe

All right, this one's going to sound hokey, but it really does work! When you're studying and just can't seem to focus or, if you tend to get that "cloudy head syndrome" before you take a practice test (or the real thing!), try this out. Breathe in through your nose while closing your right nostril (by putting your index finger on your nose, NOT UP IT!). Next, exhale through your right nostril while simultaneously closing your left nostril.

Then, repeat this in reverse: Keep your left nostril "plugged" and breathe in through your right nostril. Then exhale through your left nostril. Repeat this entire procedure three times making sure to do it in a relaxed fashion (Note: if you feel light-headed or dizzy, STOP immediately). When you finish, take several deep breaths through your nose.

Why does this work? Well, it floods your brain with the oxygen necessary to study and learn material. It tends to focus you on what you're doing and remove distractions from your mind. It also relaxes you, which is a key to optimum mental performance.

Try doing this whenever you "hit a wall" when studying and make it a practice to do it before every section of the test (whether practice or the real thing). We think you'll be surprised at how much difference it makes.

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